Interactive Map: State Lags in Economic Recovery, Job Growth – NJ Spotlight

940820_651017541581331_1811727422_nInteractive Map: State Lags in Economic Recovery, Job Growth – NJ Spotlight.

I can not believe I still have to post this kind of thing. Heck of a job there Christie. Worst. Governor. Ever.


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Determined Teen Walks 10 Miles / Job Interview In Snow / Ice – Angel Mercy Hires Him Along The Way – YouTube

Determined Teen Walks 10 Miles / Job Interview In Snow / Ice – Angel Mercy Hires Him Along The Way – YouTube.

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The Fake Skills Shortage

The Fake Skills Shortage

I came across this on Facebook, and had to share it here.

Read Krugman’s NY Time’s blog post here

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Department of Labor and Workforce Development | Hurricane Sandy Help Center

The New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development has put together a help center specifically for unemployed people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Of particular interest is the section under Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA). According to this, even self-employed people affected by the storm are eligible for assistance.

I’ll pass on any more information I can find. Stay Jersey Strong folks.


Department of Labor and Workforce Development | Hurricane Sandy Help Center.

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Things I’ve learned from Sandy (So Far)

The high-water mark

The high-water mark in a first floor unit at my complex. Thankfully, I’m on the 3rd floor.

I posted a version of this on my in-real-life Facebook page, but thought I’d post it here as well.

  1. There are 2 kinds of people: Those that are entitled, and the rest. The entitled folks leave a trail of other people muttering “asshole” behind them; the rest go unnoticed.
  2. American schools MUST teach deductive reasoning in the core curriculum. Math is nice, grammar is nice, however, the ability to think beyond the end of one’s nose is essential. We used to call this common sense, but it is far from common in this area right now. This is a national sanity priority.
  3. Most of the people I know are the second kind of person, and I’m REALLY glad about that.
  4. We take everything for granted.
  5. People who don’t recognize that they are in the “we” from #4 are the entitled asses from #1.
  6. A sense of humor is vital.
  7. In general, most people do know how to drive, it’s just that the idiots stick out more. If more people could deductively reason their way around, and would stop being entitled asses, half of the accidents I’ve seen in the last week would never have happened.
  8. Waiting your turn is a virtue.
  9. My two biggest heroes at the moment are the ancient people who discovered coffee, and they person who invented the cell phone car charger.
  10. I am totally reliant on modern technology and communications, and would likely be among the first to go during the impending zombie apocalypse. Note to self, get an ax.
  11. Storing up good will when there isn’t a natural disaster is the best way to get through a natural disaster.
  12. Never underestimate the power of the routine, even if your routine isn’t ideal.
NJ Folks line up for gas

NJ Folks line up for gas in East Brunswick, NJ 4 days after Sandy hit.

A few days ago I posted a link to the American Red Cross with an appeal to help in any way you could, and was floored when a long-time reader who’s been out of work for even longer took up the challenge. David Alan Gay, you are one hell of a good guy. If anyone in need of an IT guy in Toronto is reading this, David is exactly the kind of person you want on your team. This one small act really boosts my hope for humanity. Thank you David.

Well, my internet access is back, so it’s time to go catch up on the last week’s email and work, then see what I can do about getting some supplies for the folks hardest hit.

Before I go though, The Community FoodBank of New Jersey was also hard hit by Sandy, and lost 48 tons of food in their warehouse, If you can help with any donations, they are the ones putting boots on the ground, and meals in the hands of those worst hit.

Help out the Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Thanks to all – TUJA

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Hurricane Sandy and Other Job Hunting Disasters

Hurricane Sandy

Projected path of Hurricane Sandy. From NOAA.

NOTE: I started this post on Monday, October 29, 2012, just as Hurricane Sandy was moving towards New Jersey. I got the picture in, and just started writing when the power went out mid-sentence. Just getting back to it now on Friday, November 2, 2012 as I sit in a local Dunkin Donuts charging my laptop & cell phone:

Here in NJ we’re bracing for a direct hit from hurricane Sandy today. Now, while I’d love to blame Gov. Chris “9.8%” Christie for it, even he doesn’t have that kind of power. Sure I could make a joke about him standing on the beach, facing the ocean, and driving the storm away by giving one of his speeches, but he seems to be doing a decent job coordinating the State response to the impending disaster… so far. Hell, at least he’s in the State, and not off campaigning for one of his rape-happy teabagger GOP buddies.

Pretty much everything in the State has been shut down; public transit, stores, offices, you name it. It’s likely that they will be closed again tomorrow as the full force of the storm isn’t due until the wee hours tonight/tomorrow morning. After the storm passes, the cleanup will likely take days, if not weeks in some places. So if you’re hunting for a job,

5 Days Later


This is the 760lb trash bin that got stuck in a tree before it was swept into the river. Lesson: Water moves heavy things.

What a difference 5 days make. If you haven’t seen what Sandy has brought to New Jersey, the Star Ledger has some amazing photo comparisons on their site. I am fortunate enough to live in a different part of the state, but nothing here is really all that far away. I know most of the areas affected, and the worst of the destruction is unfathomable.

The development I live in, was hit with flooding, like we were just over a year ago when Hurricane Irene hit the state. The ground-level units were just recently finished, and the first occupants moved in on October 1, 2012. Less than a month later, and those same units had 23.5″ of water in them… nearly 3 feet… 59.7cm… 0.69m… a pant load of water. Power has been out most of the week, comes on, goes off. Cable and internet access is non-existant outside this little island that is the Dunkin Donuts. The heat is back on as of this morning. And I’m one of the lucky ones.

This post was going to be about how the impending hurricane would affect job hunters. Now it’s about feeling lucky that I have what I have. Perspective has a way of smacking you in the face sometimes.

In the midst of all of this, I was granted an “extension” by a company who wanted me to submit a laundry list of work for the possibility of a job interview. Basically, here do all of this work for us, we’ll “judge it” and call you back if we want to talk to you. I respectfully declined, telling them that this sort of thing had happened to me before, but the company in question took my work, and never contacted me. In one case, I know they used some of it as a deliverable for their client, making money off of my unpaid work. I don’t do that anymore.

The problem is, is that many people will do that… hell I was one of them, but I’m tired of being scammed… even by big, allegedly-reputable companies. There are a number of scams running around NJ these days, run by soulless people ready to rip off people with nothing right now, I don’t need to deal with one more potential ripoff.

Here’s the other thing that’s struck me: With all of the appeals for food, water, clothing, and every other basic that people need to survive, I’m feeling really helpless that I can’t do… anything. I’d love to donate, but I really can’t. So I’ll just use this space to ask you, if you are able, consider a donation of any size to help with the relief efforts here in my home State:

Red Cross Hurricane Relief

If you can’t donate (the same boat I’m in) please just keep the folks that are worse off than I am in your thoughts.


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NJ Governor Chris “9.8%” Christie Redux

NJ Governor Chris "9.8%" Christie For the first time in recent history, New Jersey Governor Chris “9.9%” Christie is reclaiming an old nickname: Gov. Chris “9.8%” Christie.

According to figures released today, New Jersey’s unemployment rate has dropped. Congratulations Gov. “9.8%” the unemployment rate dropped. 0.1%. Of course this is great news for the victims of Christie’s economic policies, but now put NJ’s rate a full 2 points behind the national average of 7.8%.

So judging by GOP talking point logic, if the National unemployment rate at 7.8% is the worst thing in the world because President Obama is a socialist, etc.; then having a worse rate than the National average would make Gov. “9.8%” two points worse than President Obama… right?

This glimmer of positive news comes on the heels of the Christie Administration admitting to Wall Street investment managers (the only people Gov. “9.8%” doesn’t seem to lie to) that his pie-in-the-sky revenue projections are again falling short.

According to that report:

Christie’s revenue estimates for the fiscal year have come under intense scrutiny since he used robust projected growth as evidence of a “Jersey Comeback” in January. The expected 7.4 percent growth rate is among the highest in the nation, but now collections must grow closer to 10 percent to make up for the slower-than-expected revenue thus far.

So in order for the State revenue to meet the Governor’s projection, and trigger the tax cuts he’s been blathering on and on about, NJ needs to see 10% growth. You’ll really have to do better all around Gov. “9.8%.” Maybe stay in the State instead of campaigning for “legitimate rape” defenders (and all-around, general Teabagger nutjobs) like US Rep. Steve King, Jackass.


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